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New Product Development

The New Product Development process differs across organisations. Most clients with a formal New Product Development process have developed their own stage gate processes, with KPIs that must be achieved to progress through each step. Lonergan Research works with its clients to ensure that research outputs can be easily integrated into existing processes. Some of the more popular New Product Development products we sell include:


The aim of the ideation process is to identify opportunities, and to generate fresh insights and ideas which result in products having a competitive edge. Ideation workshops may be conducted internally amongst staff within our clients’ organisation, which is useful when the client team has ideas ‘locked up’ in their heads, or there is a need to refine or articulate existing ideas.

Alternatively, an external ideation session can be used to generate wholly new ideas to begin the NPD process. External ideation sessions are best conducted with an ‘expert panel’. For example, creating a new food product targeted at primary school children to eat at lunchtime could include a dietician, teachers, parents, a volunteer at a school tuck shop, children themselves, a marketing and a productions expert from within the client team.

Brainstorming is central to our ideation workshops. We have several brainstorming techniques which we commonly use, including mind mapping, brand projections, parallel universes and more.

A typical ideation workshop will result in clients having a better understanding of what areas of the market are currently not serviced (or underserviced) by existing products / services, and a series of product / service ideas which can fulfil these unmet needs.

Concept Screening

A concept screener can be used to identify which of a series of possible products / services are most likely to be successful, allowing clients to focus on the opportunities which will yield the highest return. Whilst Lonergan Research has a battery of standard diagnostics which can be utilised, we recognise that most clients have their own custom questions and minimum performance standards which we are happy to adopt.

At Lonergan Research, we believe in charging a fair price to our clients. Clients who provide standardised questions, KPIs and reporting templates will not be charged full rate. Likewise, we do not believe that doubling the sample size for a project should lead to a doubling in price.

Product Trials

Often, the best way to gauge true consumer reaction to a product is through in-home trials. Lonergan Research has expertise in placing a variety of products in people’s homes. Ranging from complex products placed in niche target markets to mass market consumer products, Lonergan Research is able to source, de-brand and place products in homes or businesses around the country.

Offer Refinement

Covering three of the four Ps from marketing textbooks, our offer refinement products can assist companies in identifying the most profitable product specifications, price and promotional strategies.


Through understanding the value customers place on each element of the product or service offering, and comparing this to the cost of provision, we can assist clients in estimating the total sales and total margin of various product designs. For example, we can help mobile phone companies understand the value of a higher cap, free SMS, low call rates and free voicemail to assist in creating a product which maximises customer ‘utility’ (or pleasure) without compromising on margin.

There are a variety of techniques we can utilise to reach these aims, including Discrete Choice Modelling and Kano analysis.


There are a number of pricing techniques we utilise to help our clients understand the price new products can support. Ranging from simple Garbor Granger techniques, to sophisticated conjoint and demand estimation tools, a Lonergan Researcher can provide a pricing solution to match your project needs.


Within the new product development field, promotional research is often related to packaging and communication strategies. These can be explored in a qualitative manner, generally using consumer focus groups, or in a quantitative manner, such as evaluating the degree to which various pack designs meet known communications objectives. Lonergan Research has a range of solutions designed to maximise the effectiveness of promotional activities.

Early Brand Evaluation Studies (EBES)

Often referred to as EBES, these studies evaluate how new products are actually performing in the early stages after launch. In addition to measuring awareness, trial, repeat usage and cannibalisation rates, these studies also explore purchase triggers, purchase barriers and product satisfaction. Lonergan Research provides clients with timely information to assist in placing the product in new stores, early evaluation as to the success of various marketing channels as well as information to assist in tweaking marketing messages to maximise awareness and trial rates.

These are just some of the new product development tools we offer. Contact us for more information.

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