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Research for Small and Medium Enterprises

There are many small to medium businesses in Australia which have great products and services, but do not have staff trained to develop marketing strategy. Consequently the businesses are not living up to their potential.

Lonergan Research understands that it is not cost effective for every business to run a dedicated market research survey to address each issue in the way that larger businesses can. To help small businesses, we have developed a number of products which cover a variety of issues, which allow businesses to extract significant value from a single survey.

Each product is tailored to the needs of your business. Chris Lonergan has developed significant expertise in marketing strategy gained from completing an MBA (AGSM), and from fifteen years practical experience in delivering research based marketing strategy to businesses. Each project begins with a workshop, where we establish the information which will be most beneficial to your company.

Lonergan Pulse

Designed to help you understand the lifeblood of your business, your customers, the Pulse derives marketing insights from conducting interviews amongst your existing client base to understand what your customers really want. This is generally the most cost effective product, particularly if your organisation maintains a database of email addresses. Alternatively, focus groups, telephone interviews or in depth interviews may be more appropriate.

Although each solution is created to meet your corporate objectives, the Pulse is often used to gain insights into:

  • who your customers are
  • how they could be segmented to increase the effectiveness of your communications and repeat sales
  • what your customers currently buy and who else they buy it from
  • their drivers of satisfaction / dissatisfaction
  • what new products or services your customers want
  • the price you should charge for various items
  • how your brand is perceived, and how it could be improved
  • how your products / services are perceived, and how they could be improved
  • how you can increase loyalty amongst your customers
  • your customers’ purchase decision process
  • your customers’ purchase triggers
  • your customers’ barriers to purchase
  • the marketing messages that best resonate with your customers
  • how you can best reach your customers and potential customers

Lonergan Combat

Designed to help you understand how you are performing relative to your competitors, the Lonergan Combat often combines desktop research, interviews amongst your customers and your competitors’ customers, and occasionally shadow shopping. The Lonergan Combat is a useful means of benchmarking your service against competitive offerings – providing concrete priorities for improvement. The Lonergan Combat can provide insights into:

  • How your customer base differs from your competitorsThe brand loyalty of customers
  • Areas where you are outperforming your competitors
  • Areas where your competitors are outperforming you
  • Areas of weakness in your competitors your business can exploit
  • Areas of strength in your competitors your business should emulate / counter
  • Relative levels of satisfaction and customer churn
  • How your brand is perceived in a competitive landscape

Lonergan 360 Degrees Marketing Strategy

The Lonergan 360 Degrees is a comprehensive end to end marketing strategy. Combining MBA theory, your knowledge of your business and industry and evidence from research data, the Lonergan 360 Degrees is a product which will help you create comprehensive and effective 1, 3 and 5 year marketing strategies. The Lonergan 360 Degrees package is not simply a way for you to outsource your marketing strategy. In order to be effective you need to be involved in the process. The 360 Degrees will provide a framework to help you establish a strategic direction, evidence to support key decisions and step by step recommendations to help you increase your sales and improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

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