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VATI (Robo-polling) Facilities

Lonergan Research’s VATI (voice-automated telephone interviewing) tool, more commonly known as robo-polling, is typically used for political polls, although it can serve other research purposes. Using this tool, we can provide a snapshot of the voting intent in a state or federal electorate, a local government area, or even a federal state (state electorates are the smallest areas we can target). Lonergan Research typically takes the analysis further, including questions and issues that take campaign strategy to the next level.

Lonergan Research specialises in questionnaire development, ensuring that the right questions are asked to meet research objectives and are structured in such a way as to maximise engagement and response. We are able to assist with questionnaire creation, be it from an already formed idea or from the ground up.

Sample sizes vary according to the size of the area and some other characteristics (regional or metropolitan, demographic trends, concentration of businesses, etc.), but also whether or not an additional sample of mobile numbers is opted for. Lonergan Research can provide assistance as to how to target and reach a good statistical sample, and systematically processes the data in order to improve the representability.

Mobile numbers are an increasingly important part of the VATI methodology as they become prominent in Australian households, and we recommend that a proportion of the project budget be allocated to increasing the proportion of mobiles in the sample in order to increase the sample and gain a more comprehensive understanding across all voters of the targeted area.

In the event where the VATI survey is conducted in accordance with all market research principles, we will conduct the poll under the Lonergan Research brand and can endorse the results. Lonergan Research will proceed to analysis, which includes cleaning, weighting and cross-analysing the final dataset. Data tables will be delivered, including all variables crossed with key demographics from the poll, as well as relevant calculations (two-party preferred results or any other calculation required).

Lonergan Research can also provide a report, which value-ads include:

Enhanced data visualisation experience allowing easy interpretation of each variable
Highlight of key findings from the research with angles of interpretation adapted for media publication
Additional cross-analysis with different variables from the survey which can provide further detailed insights
For any enquiry regarding our VATI services and political polls, call Alice or Chris at 02 9046 5600 or email

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