Automated Transcription Service

Lonergan Research

Lonergan Research is proud to offer a cutting-edge transcription service that utilises an intelligent speech recognition algorithm to return highly accurate transcripts of your focus group sessions, meetings, interviews and other audio recordings at a competitive rate of $0.20AUD per audio minute.

This is not 100% accurate, but for most files we are experiencing 93% accuracy or better.

We are currently in beta testing. If there is sufficient demand, the service will be fully automated from start to finish, transcribing the audio file and returning the transcript in a short period of time* via this website.

Today, we are beta testing the service, and have not yet built the web portal.

However, as this service is currently in the beta testing stage, customers will get their first 60 minutes of audio transcription free.

Please note that a fast turnaround for transcription is only guaranteed during office working hours (0900 – 1700 AEST) until we build our web portal.

Please submit your audio files using our Hightail space which you can access below.


Click here to start transcribing


Simply drag and drop an audio file (typically .mp3, .wav or .flac), type in your name and email address, and leave your phone number in the comment box.

Note that there is no charge for the first hour of audio transcription during the beta period. The transcript will be sent to the provided email address once the process is finished.

*Transcription times vary based on audio length, however, the overall time taken is typically half that of the audio file

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